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Wrongful Death

A legal cause of action for wrongful death may exist when a person dies from the negligence of another. Potential beneficiaries include, but are not limited to: surviving spouse, children and/or parents. Such a situation may arise in a number of different contexts; car accidents, bus accidents, machinery accidents, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) accidents, bicycle accidents, diving accidents, pedestrian accidents, boating accidents, swimming pool accidents, truck accidents, tractor-trailer accidents and aviation accidents.

The following are types of damages which could be available under Florida law: 1) Sorrow, mental anguish, and loss of solace, which includes loss of society, companionship, comfort and guidance; 2) Any reasonably expected loss in income of the decedent suffered by the survivors/beneficiaries, as well as net accumulations of the decedent; 3) Any reasonably expected loss of services, protection, care and/or assistance which the decedent provided to the survivors/beneficiaries; 4) Expenses for the care, treatment, and hospitalization of the decedent incident to the injury resulting in death; and 5) Reasonable funeral expenses.

Under the difficult emotional circumstances of these cases, our attorneys strive to be sensitive to the losses of our clients while working vigorously in their representation.

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