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Lawyer Regulation Defense


We defend Florida attorneys facing Florida Bar grievance complaints. The Florida Bar’s disciplinary process is uniquely complex and requires a deep understanding of its procedural rules, the rules of professional conduct, past disciplinary decisions, and ethics opinions. Our Partner, Juan Carlos Arias, has practiced in the area of Lawyer Regulation for over 9 years. Mr. Arias'  experience handling bar complaints includes hundreds of disciplinary investigations as a former bar counsel and over 85 disciplinary cases at the Florida Supreme Court level. Mr. Arias has successfully argued before the Supreme Court of Florida.  

Any grievance complaint, regardless of how petty or unfair it may be, must be treated with great caution. Too often attorneys fail to recognize the importance of responding to a grievance complaint to later find themselves regretting their lack of understanding of the lawyer disciplinary process. It is not in a lawyer’s best interest to become familiar and competent in the attorney disciplinary process when faced with a complaint. Analyzing fact patterns for possible violations requires a keen understanding of The Florida Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, its comments, applicable case law, and ethics opinions. Furthermore, most attorneys cannot exercise independent professional judgment when their legal licenses are on the line. Let Mr. Arias' knowledge and experience in lawyer regulation defense serve you as early in the disciplinary process as possible.


If you or a member of your law firm is vested with the responsibility of overseeing advertisement, Mr. Arias can help guide you and your advertising representatives in reviewing and seeking approval of your firm’s advertising campaigns to ensure compliance and prevent potential advertising complaints. Mr. Arias provides ongoing review of all advertising for some of the largest law firms in South Florida.  


Mr. Arias' experience also extends to the application and enforcement of The Florida Bar Advertising Rules.

Mr. Arias frequently lectures at CLE programs sponsored by voluntary bar associations.

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